My visa has expired and I am on I94. Can i apply visa for my dependents or parents?

I had my L1B visa valid till Jan 2015 and was on vacation last year august.

When i came back from my vacation i was issued I94 till Sep 2017.

In this situation can i apply visa for my parents as I don’t have a valid petition/visa (got expired on Jan 2015) with my I94 alone?

Your I-94 is a valid document. The expired visa restricts your travel till you get it re-stamped but the new I-94 is enough for parents to travel.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,;

thank you Dr Sandeep… this info is very helpful and I was scared if I would not be able to initiate visa for them.

appreciate your response…once again thank you…