My visa approval period is showing as past date

Hi, i recently switched to new company and they filed my h1b in premium on 12th feb ‘18 but i received rfe on 20th feb. My employer responded back against rfe on 10th may and i received approval on 15th may but the end date in my case is showing as 31st mar ‘18, which is past date, it is may be because the period mentioned in my client letter was 31st march with further extension. Can you please guide me the next steps. Thanks

My i-94 is valid till 15th june 2019

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Assuming you have the physical approval there are two possiblities here (only wild guesses)

Its a mistake by USCIS.

USCIS intentionaly gave this date , based on the client agreement or MSA submitted with the petition.

Are you working at offsite?

No… i am at onsite from last 3 years, not sure about the next step, how to come out of it.

Please let me know the update on same…i am in the same situation.