my status in CEAC showing as “Refused” and in portal it’s showing as “Passport is still with Embassy”.

I was given 221g blue formbecause I had not paid my sevis fee. Passport was not given back . Iimmediately paid the fee and rushed to VAC Chennai to submit the feereceipt and blue form. When I’m tracking my status in CEAC it’s showing as“Refused” and when I’m tracking in portal it’s showing as “Passport isstill with Embassy”.

Well, sometimes, online system update may or may not be fully up to date. You can email embassy or wait for few more days to see, if something changes.


Thank you for the update. Now the status is showing in portal as “Ready for pickup”. But still I am sure whether my visa is approved or is returned directly!

I am in same boat my h4 visa application status in ceac is refused and passport status is ready for pickup what will be the result

wht happened in your case?

Can you please Reply u got your visa or no ??

Was it stamped after refused, can you kindly let me know.