My RFE status is in review stage since 5th oct. when will it change?

I got RFE for employee-employer relationship and for education also.

I submitted all docsand it reached USCIS on 5th oct. Now it is 20th Nov still the decision has not come yet. for my friends whose docs went late than me for them approval came.

Is there any1 else whose condition is same as mine??

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Wait for some more time. It will get approved soon.

Even i have the same status. My petition status also went to RFE review in 1st week of Oct. There is no update in status yet. Has your petition been approved now?

My status is still the same. Dont know when it is going to be approved. Its already 80 days. Lets hope that American’s come from christmas holiday and approve our visa’s :slight_smile:

My visa got approved on 7th of january.
My employer enquired abt my visa pending case then they said that the visa got approved on october only but the reciept was never send. so they requested to resend the duplicate reciept . now in the USCIS site its written that my visa is approved and reciept will reach to the employer soon.

So if any1 is waiting for more than 60 days then u can ask ur emplyer to call USCIS.

Congratz Anand! Have a safe trip to US!
I dint understand the receipt part. Whose mistake was it? Did your employer forgot to send the receipt? or USCIS forgot to send the receipt? And because the receipt was not sent, dint USCIS post the approval notice on site?? . My case is still in RFE response review for more than 80 working days and my employer just says to wait for some more time.

hi Soozi,

USCIS forgot to send the reciept.
ask ur employer to call USCIS. they will let u know y thr is delay in it.

Hi Anand!
U travelled to US? My visa is stil in RFE response review status in online. However, when my employer inquired, i was informed my petition has got approved and they will send notice shortly. But i’m yet to receive my notice. How long did it take to receive your approval notice?