My Petition date expiry date 12/31/2014, can i get Visa approved till 2015?


I am Jayadev. Recently i received I-797 petition copy for my H1 case.

In that Petition expiry date was mentioned as 12/31/2014 from 11/29/2013. I am filling up forms for Visa stamping.

So is there any chance of getting VISA approved till september,2015 as mentioned in LCA.

If not, when i have to request my employer to file for extension.

Please do help me on this.



stamp at POE overrides all, the date given at POE is final.

thank you RaNa

but i have another query.
Im filling my DS-160 form. Can i mention my stay in US is more than 1 year(considering stamping date is in January,2014) in DS-160 form even though my petion end-date is 12/31/2014.

Plz help on this

That must be the date project ends AFAIK. Contact ur employer for better advice

thank you rana