My parents are not granted B2 visa, rejected 4 times

I’m currently holding h1b visa. My younger brother is also in US and working in OPT. Last three times my parents get rejected by embassy. First in my graduation and second and third time in my bother’s grad. They had showed their property and bank balance in that time. But everytime they got rejected. And embassy was not even giving a proper answer why they get rejected. Once they told to parents they won’t come back, the other time they told it’s too tough to give you visa, they can’t issue it to them.

Now this time I invited them and all documents were related to my sponsership. They had few documents on their own as in bank balanace and property. But this time too they get rejected saying both of you son and daughter are in US that’s why we can’t give you visa.

They are being tougher and tougher. It’s forth time and I’m really frustated. Can I talk to embassy by myself or write an email what is the reason to reject them? They don’t want to have a green card or something but just want to visit in here. Why embassy is making such a huge issue? Please can anybody tell me if I can directly talk to embassy?

You cannot talk to them directly. You can just express your intent in the letter your parents will carry to the consulate.

Usually, past rejections way heavily on future stampings in case of tourist visa. Once they are rejected, any new officer needs to be more than sure to overturn previous decision.

Good luck!

Which US State(s) are you and your brother in? Which consulate are they going through in India? All rejections can be overturned if your Senator supports you with a letter that can be added as part of your parents’ files. This is not an immigration matter but a simple temporary family reunification case, it will be approved.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar
Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director
Colorado Heights University
Denver, Colorado, USA