my over all GPA<3 while did the masters..Discontinued masters and now i want to reapply for F1?

In 2010, in my fourth semister i en rolled for 3 subjects? before getting the grades of those subjects i came back to India.

i.e i discontined masters… It happed in 2010. more over in summer i came to India i did’t went back to US? EVen after i came to India those subject grades will effect my total GPA. If they count my GPA is less then three. so i am going to out if status.but now i want to apply for F1 visa again and want to start the masters from starting on words. does am i going to face any problem in getting F1 visa? please reply as soon as possible? I want to apply for spring 2015?

Well, it depends. Usually, if you go under 3 GPA, there are some choices that international student advisor gives to get back to status. I would suggest you speak to the international student advisor at a new school or your old school and get advice.