My opt expires on Jan 31, can I visit in November ?

My opt expires on Jan 31, can I visit India either in November or December ? …So far I didn’t visit India when I was doing my Masters. I heard from few people that there should be atleast one visit to India before filing H1. I want to know about this situation.

Moreover, my opt started on Feb 1st I updated the university with an employer in April but i got job in August with other conusltancy…they runned payroll as well to me from August onwards. Do I need to carry all my pay stubs from Feb till date which I really don’t how it works but I can provide it from August onwards. Kindly help me out with any suggestion.

You can visit. But, there is no requirement as such that you need to have one visit to India for H1B, that is wrong information. You will need to carry all your paystubs. Read this article on Documents for OPT re-entry