My OPT expires Jan 10th 2017, can i apply for h1 before/after expiration?

My OPT is going to expire on Jan 10th and my employer is willing to finance my H1B visa, I have about three months before OPT expires. What are my options? Can i apply for H1B before or after expiration date?(does it matter). What are my options here, do I have to go back home. Thanks

Unless you work for a non-profit org or University, you can only apply H1B on April 1st for next year quota. Read H1B Visa 2018 FAQs . Well, you have only 60 days grace period to stay int the country after your OPT expires. Technically, you will be outside of the window when you apply for H1B and it will be violation of status. Also, even if you apply for H1B you will not be able to work until October, so thats the trick. One of the things that can be done is to travel out of the country and then come back…Again, we have h1B lottery, so there are many dynamics you need to be aware of…I suggest you speak to your DSO on the options left for you.

Hi Kumar nice to e-meet you. Your situation is similar to mine. How did you bridge the gap between your OPT expiration and the date of H1B application?

Thanks in advance!