My name is missplelt in I-797 visa extension approval notice, How to get it corrected soon?


I am a student with H4 visa and am about to complete my graduate course soon and have plans to travel to India in the next two months. I received my H4 extension approval notice but my name is misspelt in the document. So, I cannot apply for renewal of my EAD and the Driving License. But I have internship opportunities and which I have to unfortunately let go of. Is there any thing I can do to get it corrected sooner? My H1 B spouse’s company HR consulted the attorney and a request was raised, however we were told that USCIS may take 60 days to respond. In hat case, it would take another 30 or so for my EAD extension.

Also, it is a typo from their end. So, is there a way to address this to get the name corrected sooner?


Dont worry. The best option is to

  1. Write a clear letter to USCIS with the copy of your passport. Keep this request letter copy with you(with proof of sending this letter(like FedEx etc))

  2. Go to the local Infopass appointment center and ask them to file a request to correct this spelling mistake.

Apply for any jobs, driving license renewal etc using the above request proof copy and ask them to use your passport name instead of approval name.

Also if you can, attach a copy of your H4 petition application form with the name clearly mentioned in the right spelling for that H4 Approval.

If you can do a careful exercise, you should not lose any opportunity just because of incorrect name spelling.

Good luck