My LCA was posted by my employer but receipt number is not yet given to me


My employer has asked for all the documents but I am not sure whether they have filed my H1B yet. I have been asked to post my LCA at my client location that I posted 1 month back.

I am not sure posting an LCA does mean that my petition has been filed with USCIS or it is a preprocess which they did and now I have no hope as the quota is finished.


Kamal Bhargava

Hi Kamal Bhargava,

As per rule, each LCA must be posted at the client location for 10 days before it can be used for H1B petition filing. It is a prefiling process that has to be done by the employer/petitioner. Since you said that it was posted a month back, I presume they have already filed your petition with USCIS.

You can check with your employer to know whether they have filed it or not.