My i 94 travel history is not updated, How can i get that to be done?

My travel history and i-94 details are not up to date. When i tried to get my recent i-94 it’s not showing my recent arrival date and recent port of entry, It’s still showing my previous travel history. So how can i update that?

Does not matter. You need not worry about it.

The problem is currently i am applying for my OPT Extension, So i need to fill I-765 Form where i need to give my recent date of entry to US and port of entry to US. So which details i can give??

My I-94 says date of entry as 14 January 2015 and port of entry as Atlanta,GA . But that’s my previous travel details my recent date of entry is 08 June 2015 and port of entry is Houston, TX.

Just look at your passport, it should have stamp with status, date and port of entry.