My I 94 and l1b visa are getting expiry by jan 07 2012 ,can I apply for h1b

Hi ,

please please can someone help me on this .

my I 94 and L1 B visa are getting expired on jan 07. 2013 ,mean while I will apply for

Extension and it will be in process .so my question is even L1wwill be in processing and

I 94 get expiry then can I aapply for h1in 2014 quote .

please help me .

You can apply for H-1 in FY-14 w/ pending L-1 extension. However, USCIS will not approve COS from L-1 to H-1 until your L-1 petition gets approved and extended. In other words, they can approve H-1 but deny COS, requiring you to get H-1 visa stamped from your home country.