My husband is on I94.......

My husband visa is L1.his visa is valid upto nov 2015 but his I94 is valid up to 2017.
My visa is L2 dependent visa and my visa is valid up to present i am in my question is:
If my husband is on I94 i have any problem to
enter in USA .I want to go any stamping if I want to go back.actually I came for 2 months but now my health is not,I want to stay in India for 2 more months is it possible
.how long can I stay in india.please help me by answering Asap.Thank you…

You can enter US on L-2 even if your husband’s L-1 visa has expired, but his I-94 is still valid.

You will have to go for L-2 visa stamping, if the same has expired and you are outside of US. When if your L-2 visa stamp expiring and what’s your tentative return date to US?