My H1B Transfer approved but new employer did not mention my Home address in LCA . Can i supposed to do work from my current Home which is not in MSA from new LCA Address

I was working with Company A and work location is my home for which I got approval until 01-01-2023. Recently i got an offer in Company B and approved until 06-01-2023. But they filed LCA only for the head office which is in “Virginia state”. They did not file any LCA for current Home address, but in I 129 form they given Current residential address as my Home address. Until Pandemic they asked me to continue work from home. My New employer is paying the prevailing wage as per the place of employment in LCA. Am I eligible to do work from my current home because my previous petition got approved for this Home Location or i should not work from current home because new LCA not has my current Home address. Please help me by answering this. Thank you Very much for your support.

Your work location should be same (or in same MSA) as in the LCA. Your employer will need to file a new LCA and amend H1B if you are going to work from home for extended period of time/several months. Discuss with your immigration lawyer.