My H1B still showing 'Initial Review' filed on 11th April 2012

My new H1b is filed with WAC Center on 11th April 2012, still it is showing ‘Initial Review’. My company is sponsoring my H1.

I stay in India, could you please let me know the status or else how to get the status of my application.




WAC has completed processing for all the petitions which are submitted before April 16th. You need to call the USCIS support center to get the details about your petiton.your employer can do this .



Hi Vivek, how you come to know regarding this ?

as i wanted to know till what date EAC has processed petition

mine is also april 12th. Still its in “Initita review”.Vivek, how you are saying WAC processing completed till 16th april? are you sure about this? If So, what I have to do? Please suggest.

Hi Sreelatha one of my colleague also filed on April 11th including mine didn’t get any update till now. Its still showing Initial Review.
I called to support center and they are asking only employer should call them.
Please let me know if your status got updated.


Is it with WAC? my status is still initial review.

Yeah! Its with WAC