My H1B status is Request for evidence.

Does this Request for evidence happen after the lottery result? My office can provide strong documents as a proof but, how many percent can i be sure of the H1B visa?

How many days will it take? Please help me to know this.

Yes, it just means that they need additional evidence for the some part in your application. It could be related to your job title, company details, etc.

More details will be in the RFE notice. After you/your company’s attorneys prepare the response it can take any time from 2 weeks to 2 months (for regular processing) and upto 2 weeks for pp.

Thank you so much for the reply. So, it means i am already selected through the lottery but they are just asking RFE about employers profile. After RFE is sent and found convincing , i will get H1B status approved. Am i right?

If your RFE is found convincing the H1b application will be approved and you can get a visa interview scheduled. You get your visa stamped only after the interview