My H1B lottery got selected and approved. But visa in admin processing. Find a new employer ?

I got my h1b lottery approved and attended visa interview.

But visa interview result states that its in admin processing and they sent petition back to uscis to revoke or deny.

My question is :

Can i find another employer who can apply for a visa using this same lottery approval ?

what are the changes that a new employer would be willing to sponsor me ? any recommendations on where i can find access to such contacts ?

In my opinion, when your visa is put under admin processing by the consulate, you have to wait before it is even can be transferred. It would not be good, as your transfer petition may also go under scrutiny…


How many days has it been since your interview? I had the same experience, where my application went into admin processing. However I got the visa within 5 working days.

Date of Interview :13th Feb,

Date of notification that passport can be picked up : 17th Feb

Thanks, If in case it gets denied, can i use the same lottery approval and ask a new employer to file a new application, because any way i am already included in the quota for that year ?

Thanks its been more than 2 months now.

If denied by consulate, I think you cannot have it transferred anymore. The status of that h1 petition will change from approved to denied in USCIS system.

IMO, another employer can file for cap-exempt petition while the current visa stamping is put into 221g administrative processing.