My H1B is valid till Sept 2016, I am in India Currently.


I got my H1B stamped date from sept 2014 till sept 2016. I had visited USA in Sept 2014 and started working, but due to some misunderstandings with my employer I left the job and returned to Indian in Jan 2015. My employer had given me only one pay stub. I don’t know whether my status is active or not. In the meantime now I have received an offer from another employer. Can my H1b be transferred, what is the cost involved and how much time would it take? since I have only one pay slip, would it be a problem in transfer??

Your H1B can be tranferred but you need atleast 3 paystubs(may be recent one, not 100% sure) .

Let me know your outcome, my friend is in same situation. only difference is he has paystubs and is checking with second employer on next steps .

You were in US from Sep 14 to Jan 15 but received only 1 payslip. In other words you didn’t maintain legal status while inside US. This may cause issue with new H1. Discuss the case with new employer’s attorney and let them take care of it during filing.