My H1B-Case Status - (Guidance, Suggestion and Advice Needed)

To - Saurabh

My application got picked in lottery with receipt no EAC131405XXXX. Current Status (Initial Review)


Just curious to know from your experience and knowledge the below doubts,


1. When you expect the approval to happen i mean duration ? Vermont Center

2. My employer has no rejection/denial history for H1B till now. What is the probability for this year ?

3. My name is Muhammad Ghouse Imran and Last Name is Zahirudeen. Is this a common name and will it cause any issue for approval?

4. I'm currently working in dubai and Will take the interview in Dubai US Consulate. My doubt is i have my marriage scheduled in Mid August (In India) if i go for interview before is it possible my passport be locked in US Consulate? Your Best Suggestion Please

5. My LCA is applied from Florida State and my employer office is at Arizona is that necessary i can only work from Florida or i can work in any other state with the same LCA?

6. When is the right time to apply a dependent visa for my wife, after marriage in August? I mean before my approval or meanwhile too.


Sorry for the no. of questions but i'm a admirer of this website and the knowledge of the administrator.

If I could answer -

  1. 2-4 months

  2. Employer’s history doesn’t matter. Every H1B application is unique.

  3. As per transparent process, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. If you clear the interview, you will get the passport back in 2 weeks max. If it enters admin process with 221-G slip issued, it might take longer but I believe the passport will be returned to you on the interview date and consulate will ask you to re-submit it once they are done with admin process.

  5. You will need to work only in the location mentioned in the LCA. However, if your job location changes, you will need to make LCA amendments and get it approved by DOL.

Agree, but few additional comments:

  1. I don’t know what qualifies as common muslim name for the consulate. So from the face of it, it doesn’t look like a common name, but its better to be prepared for 221g as a worst case scenario.

  2. At times, they keep the passport even after issuing 221g. This happens when they have confidence that it will eventually get approved and don’t want to get into communication loop of asking for passport and then waiting for it later.

  3. Beside the new LCA, you may also need H-1 amendment. Whenever underlying LCA is changes, H-1 amendment is required. No new stamping is required if the visa has already been stamped by that time.