My H1B and wife's H4 Visa Stamping Together


I have been working on OPT since last year and now I have got my H1B approved.

I got married in December last year. My wife already had Visitor visa (B2) so after marriage, she came to US on B2 visa and I came on my Student Visa (F2).  She then returned to India in end of May and currently she is in India itself.

My H1B visa got approved in June and I will like to get my H1B and wife's H4 stamped when I go to India in coming October. Now, since my marriage certificate is still not created, I have two options of showing my marriage date to US consulate - Either December last year or October this year when I reach India.

I am asking about these two options because of the following advantages/ disadvantages I heard from different people - 

[b]Option 1 - To show correct marriage date (Dec 2012)[/b] - If I show this as marriage date, can interviewer say that my wife came to US on visitor visa and not on dependent visa, even though she was married to me. Can it be considered as a case of entering US on visitor Visa with wrong intent ?

[b]Option 2 - To show marriage date in early October 2013 when I reach India[/b] - In this case I will not be communicating the correct marriage date and will have to get the marriage certificate created in October. Also, I may have to get fake wedding card printed with some October's date as marriage date.

Can you please explain me which of the above two options is safer and carries more chances of getting the visas stamped?

I look forward to your response. Thank you in advance.


Never lie. So mention the correct marriage date. As long as she had valid reasons to travel on B-1/2, it should be fine.

I don’t think it is an issue if the certificate is issued in 2013 as long as it mentions the correct marriage date.