My F1 visa is terminating

i got my admission in San Diego college. But when I arrived I did not like the university. So I wanted to move to Jacksonville to get my admission over here, I am just waiting for my i20. From the other college but they will take a week.
And my current college have sent me a mail to terminate my i20. So how do I maintain my status. Do I get some time to get my transfer even if they terminate my i20.
Please help

Well, you are in a very tricky situation. I was in a very similar situation quite a few years ago…Your best bet is to speak to the International student advsior at Jacksonville and explain them your situation. Thing is that, if your SEVIS records are terminated, you will have to file an appeal via your new school asking for re-instatement of your visa status…it can be tricky, but not that bad…Speak to your DSO at new school and sort it out. Read Transfer to another University in First semester

Dont panic too much, you will be fine…