My f1 visa got rejected with 214b for spring 2013 . Pls help me ..

Hi ,

My F1 visa got rejected in chennai last friday with 214b for spring 2013 …My interview didnt even last for a minute . The vo didnt ask me for any documents either . But he asked for my college and major , % in B.E , and about other colleges I applied to …Then he asked If i had any relatives in U.S … I said yes and said that 2 of my sisters live there … He asked me for their details Also he asked about my 2nd sis MS colg … I had I-20 also from the same clg. After all this he said my visa is rejected …

pls help me out … can I reapply again in two weeks ? If so what changes should I make in my documents and what else should i do ?

Dear ash2,

Did you mention it in Ds 160 form that you have 2 sisters in USA and their status?

Do not reapply in hurry . First of all find out whether you had made mistakes in filling the form.

Hi Deepak ,

Yes . I have mentioned about both my sisters details in DS 160 . I reviewd my form again , I did not make any mistakes …

hi same wtih happen for me

Hi Nimesh ,
are you gonna reapply for 2nd interview ?

Yes what about u

Dear Ash I dont have much knowledge about F1 visas but as far I know don’t involve any relatives during the interview just say i dont have any relatives in US