My F1 Visa expired, with a valid I-20, Can I apply OPT

Hi, I’m a PhD student with previous Masters degree in the States. My F1 Visa expired Aug 2014, with my valid I-20. I’m planning to apply for “pre-completion OPT” while finishing up my dissertation. But my concern is whether I’m still eligible for OPT with an expired VISA/valid I-20.

Any thoughts, information, and/or wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

F1 visa expired on the passport does not matter as long as you have maintained your F1 Status by not violating any rules. You will need a valid F1 stamp only, if you plan to leave USA and return back to US on F1 visa. Just go to your DSO and ask them for process to apply for OPT and they will guide you. Read the article F1 Visa vs. Status in USA

Thank you very much!! I feel relieved, and will go ahead start the process. Again, thanks!