My experience with H4EAD


Wanted to share my exp here about my H4 EAD.

There are many assumptions while applying h4 EAD and process.Just want to clarify you guys .

We can apply h4 EAD while h4 is processing with receipt number when h1 of spouse is already approved .

USCIS approved my EAD even before h4 process is pending.I found many answers in google that they will start processing h4 EAD only after approving h4.Its wrong !!If your spouse have valid h1 your EAD will be approved.

Don’t go by any assumptions.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Would you share info like, if it was applied concurrently with extension of H4 and EAD or with COS and EAD or how was it filed ?

Intitially my spouse h1 and h4 extensions are applied and h1 is done in premium but due to some issues my h4 was not processed properly.So attorney reapplied my h4 extension and after few days I applied h4 EAD separately using receipt number of h4 extension.Hope it clarifies your questions