MY employer told they cancelled my H1B visa by march 2013

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My employer told they cancelled my H1B visa by end of march 2013 . still i did nt get any job and i am looking for H1B Transfer . so please let me know how much time i have to trnsfer my h1b .


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Once an H1B visa transfer application is submitted with the USCIS for processing, the procedure (processing) normally takes 4-8weeks, but in some cases it can take more time. The time varies for each petition depending upon the location of employment, and where the appropriate USCIS visa processing office is located, and what their current processing times are. 


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Are you currently in US? On H-1 you need to get paid regularly. If you don’t find another job and stay in US w/o pay, it may hamper your future immigration petitions (H-1, GC etc).