My Employer still did not hear anything on my H1B application, Is there any chance to be selected?


My Employer still didn’t hear anything from USCIS about my H1B application, is there any chance i get selected? or is it over?

It’s 4th july now, and i feel like something is wrong here, Is there anyone else on the same boat here?

I am on the same boat? My employer says that they are yet to get lotter status on my H1 application. Many others in my company have either got receipt status or rejection note? Can anyone help here and guide if there is any option to verify if the application was ever filed? Also, what are the chances of acceptatnce at this time (almost twom montha have passed since USICS has completed entry of H1 B acceptance details)

The chances of getting the Receipt Number against your H1B application now is VERY BLEAK. The bottom line is - you never know until you get your Receipt No or Rejected Package in hand. You may be one of the few they keep as BUFFER to approve agaist those which don’t get Approved in the due process.

BTW, USCIS has already sent back the Rejected Packages to all Applicants/Employers.

I am in the same boat have not heard back anything yet. Does anybody know how long can it take? Is there somebody else who have no updates on H1.

Today is Jul 16th and I still have not heard back anything, our immigration attorney said besides mine they either received receipt or rejected package. and the last rejection they received was beginning of June.

The company I work applied for H1B for me and another employee. They got the ‘not selected’ letter for the other employee on Monday and until now haven’t got anything back from my application. Is there a reason for that delay?

Same boat. At least we know rejections are starting to be sent out, so we should know for sure soon.

Hi All,

I am in the same boat as well. Does anybody know how many people will be selected as buffer? I know one of my friends, who was picked in the lottery, is asked now to provide evidence for his case (RFE) and that still can take while. Is there a final date until they have to make a decision by?

Anywhere from 12 to 15 percent. Check H1B Cap History by Year for some numbers from previous years.