My Employer is not sending for H1B visa interview

Hello Guys,

I am totally frustrated with the way my employer is doing with me. My H1B case was approved in 2015 and till now my employer didn’t send me out for the visa interview. And not shred the Visa approval copy (I797).

If I ask him, he is now asking me to find a job in US from India and get the client letter so that he will send me for the visa interview. And also advised me to say that I am in US already on H1B to the recruiters, but the recruiters are asking me H1B copy to market my profile. I am totally helpless with my employer as he has my H1B documents with him.

Can someone advice me with a good approach to deal with it.


Is Client letter only the problem for them??

Yes Valluri.
If I have that client letter, atleast this employer will send me for the visa interview


how do u market ur CV from India?