My employer has raised my h1b visa, but I want to study by this Fall 2013

My employer has raised my H1B visa, while I wanted to study. I could not stop them because there was high requirement.

Now my H1B visa, is selected by the lottery system this year and I am yet to get my i20. The process to get H1B stamping will take quite sometime, and by that time, I shall quit the company. Hence, H1B will be cancelled automatically.

Now, if I apply for F1 Visa, will it affect my chances of getting the F1 visa stamping and also while entering USA. I badly want to study, please guide me, very urgent. I am joining this year 2013.

With respect to academics, I have a very good profile and my masters align with my undergraduate degree, my work. So

It sohuldn’t affect your F1 as long as you have valid reasons. Be prepared for the interview.

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