my document was mailed

Today my case status changed from RFE response review to my document was mailed. Please let me know what it means. Is it approved? I have been waiting for my case status almost 6 months.

Please paste the status here for correct information

My Document Was Mailed
We mailed your document for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC14********. If you do not receive your document by May 1, 2015, please go to to request that we resend the document to you. If you move, go to How to Change Your Address | USCIS to give us your new mailing address.

This is my case status.Please let me know the meaning of this

Generally it says approved. This one is little different, hope it is approval (not sure though)
Just need to wait for about 10 days.Fingers crossed

we have the same case, so do you think its consider an approval?

pls. update what document you have received

i have the same status and after 1 week, it changes to approval notice!

@emrich999 I have the same status, but it has been stuck on ‘document was mailed’ since over 3 weeks ago. How long after the initial status change did you receive the physical approval notice?

I have been waiting for the docuements since april 1’st.till now my employer not received the documents.

Did you contact USCIS after the initial 30 day period to resend the document or provide some explanation regarding what document they mailed to you.
In my case, I wasn’t even expecting a document and I’m very curious to know what document they actually mailed. I suspect that they never mailed anything and the status change was just a mistake.

my employer called to uscis to know the case is approved or not?

the agent told the case is approved for i 129 and mailed the employer called after 30 days for the docs.they sent on priority.but till now no docs received.i am in confusion.

I haven’t received anything as yet either. Did you get the approval notice since uscis said ur case was approved? Can you please keep me posted on what happens with you case? Was this an H1 transfer?

Hi I am in the same bucket, can you please update what was the document you got? did you get your approval?
“We mailed your document for your Form I-129” - does this mean Approved or Rejected or RFE?

After the 30 day stipulation expired, I had my employer contact USCIS and was promptly informed that the status of my case was PENDING. No document was mailed. They offered to appropriately update the status in the next 2 weeks, and asked my employer to check back if an update wasn’t done.

Any update on this case? Even I have the same status

No document yet,i am in confusion.

Hi I too am on this same situation “Document Was Mailed
We mailed your document for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC****” the status has not changed a bit. I am confused on what is to be be done. any suggestions?

About three weeks back I had my lawyers reach out to USCIS and we were told that the status was pending. No explanation regarding the cryptic online update was provided. Today my status finally changed to approved. I wish you all well and would suggest not to worry too much. In case your status has been stuck at ‘document was mailed’ for over 30 days, have your lawyer/employer reach out to USCIS to get some clarity.

hi km1986,

when did u apply?when your status changed to my document was mailed.please let me know.