My Case Was Reopened

My H1B extension premium process was got approved after some time case status was changed to ‘My Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration’ .And again my case got
approved and i got 2 approval email with different End date. My Employer was raised service request to check which approval need to consider and now My case is ‘My Case was Reopen’ status.
Can anyone please let me know when i can get to know the final status.

As it was originally adjudicated in Premium Processing, they would very likely process in premium…If nothing, ask your attorney to follow-up after 15 days.

Which approval they will consider?

The most recent decision from USCIS.

Both time we received approval mail notification only but with different end date. Any chance of reconsider my Case? I mean any chance getting RFE or other status?

It could be a clerical or system issue also. If your documents are correct and all other info are genuine, you don’t need to worry much. I understand your concern, but frankly there is nothing you can do…Do not worry too much, work with your attorney and they will work with USCIS to sort it out.