my 221g at chennai consulate experience May 2017

I was in the US, got my status changed from F1 to H1b on Oct 1st 2016. I work for a Fortune 50 company.

For the visa stamping, I attended the visa interview at the Chennai on the 3rd of may. Was asked some standard questions like my salary, length of work, education, etc.

They took my passport and gave me a blue form 221 g, with the selected checkbox “Additional administrative processing is required before decision can be made”.

I got my visa issued, and passport was ready for pickup on the 8th of May.

Honestly, I was a little let down when I was handed this blue slip. After jumping through all the right hoops (good school, reputed company, got selected for h1b, etc), I was still hit with absolute uncertainty when I got the 221g. I can only find solace now that I have my visa in hand.

Congratulations - you are one of the first examples of the new rule where US educated applicants will be preferred over foreign educated applicants. Your 221g would have gone to an extended wait time if your most recent undergrad / grad qualifications were earned abroad.

Hi, I am also in same situation now, I appeared for interview on 28th nov,2017 and got 221g with selected checkbox “your application is refused for admin processing. It will be reconsidered after admin processing is complete”. I am not sure why is this happening to many students (f1 to H1) now? can someone pls help or pour thoughts…

Same situarion. Went to interview on 28 nov
2017 chennai us consulate, was asked few questions and was handed 221g blue slip with adminiatrative processing checked. No documents asked. Paspport retained. Do you have any update on yours? Please update.

Mine was also chennai consulate. I dont hv any update so far :frowning:
Lets be in touch. Please let me know if you hear anything.

Sure, will keep you posted… good luck!

Hello Guys,
I went to chennai consulate on Nov 27 got 221g. Passport retained no docs asked. Changing from F1 to H1B. The VO said that she is seeing out of status and need to verify on their end. She said that it should not take more than 7days but no update yet. I have a return flight in four days. Did anyone receive the visa issued status?
Thank you

No update yet… Checking status every now and then. Have the samr travel plans, returning in few days but looks like I need to change the travel plans to a future date. Let me know if you hear anything. Keep us posted! Good luck.

Sure, I will keep you posted. Glad to know there is someone else with me. lol

Hi All,

Same here! I attended interview on 28th November 2017, in Chennai. I was given a blue slip - mentioning “Administrative Processing”. Changing from F1 to H1B. I havent got any update yet. Anyone got any updates??

Hi bold

I had interview on 28th nov chennai consulate. My case is not updated yet :frowning: its in admin processing, checking regularly… will update if there is any change. But feeling hopeful to know that ur VO said it wont take more than a week.

Hey! My VO assured - it would take a couple of days. No updates yet.

They say a week or couple of days…this waiting period is horrible. Mine is already 1 week by tomorrow…I dont wanna scare but i heard they took 3 weeks time to process for someone… Fingers crossed… Gud luck all…


Have u ever been on out of status? What u mean by ur vo said that she is seeing out of status?

I was never out of status. She asked if my stem was approved and I said yes then she replied that I shouldnt be having any problem. I believe stem extension was not updated on their end.

Any updates? My case was updated today but still under AP… not sure what it means though… anyone have similar updates and know what it means?

Hey Bla2eee!

Same here. The last updad time has changed for me too. Did you gather any information?

With what my friend said, the system uodates the timestamp every week.

Haven’t got any info yet… nothing in the email, no request… so not sure! Let me know if you get any updates… i will keep u posted !

Hello guys

Mine also got updated with today timestamp, heard that it wont take much time if case is updated with timestamp…not sure…fingers crossed…

same for me as well, case updated today. Did anyone know how long does it typically take once the case is updated. Tomorrow is my deadline if not will have to cancel my flight.