My 1st employer filed a H1B withdrawal with USCIS. I got an offer from second employer. Now second employer is not filing my H1B in USA and recommends to do consular. What should I do?

My first employer has revoked an H1B within USCIS on 8th April in the USA. Got an offer from a second employer in 9th of May. However, they have not filed a case petition as they recommended filing it in Consular? The outside counselor said that I can still go for Nunc Pro Tunc however they told me that I could remain within 180 days of my last working day i.e 7th April 2022 from the previous employer and so it goes until September end. Please can someone navigate what am I supposed to do in this situation?

Once your H1B employment ends, you have up to 60 days grace period to find another job. If your change of employer petition is not initiated within the 60 days, you need to leave the US.
There is no law that allows 180 days of stay after H1B employment ends.