Multiple visa applications Stampings in parallel - L2, H1B


Can I travel to the US on Visa X today if I have an interview scheduled for Visa Y at a later date?

For more context - I have applied for a L2 visa and got sec 221g White slip. It has been 3 weeks and my L2 application is under administrative processing. I also have an approved H1B petition that kicks in from October 1st and I am planning to schedule an H1B visa stamping interview early October. If my L2 visa gets approved before October can I travel to the US on this L2 visa even though I have a appointment scheduled for my H1B? (I also understand that I would need to leave US again for my H1B stamping)


Sure you can. Both are very independent, it should not matter. Now, when you go for H1B stamping, it is up to them to decide to keep that L2 stamp in tact or not. Sometimes, visa officer can just put a stamp calledCancelled without Prejudice , then you cannot use that…so, you need to make a decision based on what you want to enter US with.

Thanks Kumar. Appreciate it.

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