Multiple RFEs in premium processing


My H1b petition was filed under PP in the month of April. It was stopped on 25th and later the attorney submitted the required informations/docs by July. The clock again started on 17th July but got stopped again on 24th asking for more information. Apparently, its multiple RFE. I am wondering what information they need to take a decision. I checked with my visa sponsors if they needed some documents ftom me but then they said there is nothing requried from my side.

Although, I am yet to confirm the reason for RFE this time, can you please let me know if you have seen such cases before? I feel they might reject giving some reason otherwise it must have been approved by now. My overall relevant exp is 8 years

Thanks for your quick response!

Don’t worry!! sometimes there are multiple RFE’s. My last H1 transfer had 2 RFE’s. The nature of RFE can be quite different. in my case they wanted to make sure that I had sufficient time left on H1 so they asked for all the pages of passport to see the entry and exit dates. Second RFE was to give a “clear” copy of all the pages of the passport.

If your employer is saying that nothing is pending from your side, then there must be some employer related documents that are asked. And the employers may not have them ready, it might take them a while to prepare the documents and send it to USCIS. Be patient everything will work out ! Best of luck

Based on my experience, the first RFE may be very simple and the scond RFE is Complicated, I can provide more information, if you can provide a TEXT of the RFE. It is sometimes risky, it may even be NOID (notice of intent to deny)

Just check with your Employer if there was already a DENIAL (Are you sure it’s another RFE?)

Thanks for the info hireitpeople. Will they deny the petition and put a message that the pp was stopped on so an so date and keep the status in initial review?

Yes, but they always send a RFE (Request for Evidence) first and if there was no proper response, then they may deny it.

You are correct. They intend to revoke the petition. I checked with the employer. It seems USCIS is not convinced with the evidences provided for employee employer relationship. They need the client letter signed which states that I will be working on the projects with them and have enough work for next three years. Also, my employers company is a small consulting firm( less than 100 employees). So USCIS needs to know how a consulting firm which looks for projects and places consultant can directly control the hiring of consultants like me.

The funny part is …there are similar cases like me which got approval. Now my employer is intending to appeal for it. I think its a hopeless case and the decision is going to be a NO. If they have made up their mind then no matter how worth you prove, its always a NO.

What’s your thought?