Multiple petitions by different employer

Hi All,

I have two petitions approved. With current working employer (Say Company A) and with Different employer (Say Company B)

The chances of sending to USA by current employer are less

  1. If I go for stamping with Company B, Will you please suggest me what’s the best answer should I answer, if I face a question like

“Why are you not going with your current employer (Company A)?”

  1. if I go for stamping with Company A(Current employer)

Can I travel USA with Company A stamping and Company B Petition?

Do I face any questions at the port of entry? What should I answer in this case?

Your Information is really helpful, Thanks!!

  1. Usually they don’t ask that. But if they do, you can say that you want to work for B in US and not A

  2. Yes, you can enter US on A’s visa stamp and B’s petition to work for B. Use the petition of the employer for which you want to work. PoE should be fine even in this case.