Multiple I140s - Use it for 3 year extensions

I recently got my I140 approved with my current employer ‘A’ on September 7th 2019 with a priority date of November 2012. I had an approved I140 with my previous employer ‘B’ back from November 2012 (this one has not been revoked till date).Now I have a job offer with another company ‘C’ and am going to join them on October 14th 2019. Since I am still within the 180 days realm and if my current employer ‘A’ revokes the I140, what will be its implications? Can I still use the I140 from employer ‘B’ and keep getting 3 year extensions and also be able to retain my priority date? Kindly advise. Thanks in advance!

If your employer A revokes before 180 days, then you cannot use the priority date and also for the 3 year extensions. If your previous I-140 from B was approved for over 180 days, then even if the employer withdraws, it does not matter, you can still use it.