Multiple H1B Transfers Impact H1B Stamping in Delhi

Hi Saurabh,

I entered in USA in March 2013 on H1B visa valid till Jan 2014 [ Got H1B approved for 1 year only] from employer A. I left employer A, month ago, tranferred my visa to employer B. New visa is valid till July 2016 now.

I am not satisfy with new job with employer B [ which I joined a month back], got new offer from USA employer C. As I know I can tranfer my H1B again to employer C and stay here in USA legally.

I am going to India in Feb 2014, will have to undergo teh visa stamping again. I am worried does mutiple H1B transfer here in USA in last six month can affect my stamping in Delhi?

Does mutiple H1B transfer in short span put a negative impact on my stamping?

Please advice.

Hi RedBus2USA Team,

Please update me on this question.