Multiple H1B transfer-please help

I am currently working in Company A with a valid H1B. I got a job offer from Company B which is currently doing H1B visa transfer paperwork (Currently preparing to submit RFE response). Meanwhile, Company A offered an internal promotion which I accepted for which I need to do H1B transfer as well. Company A will also file for H1B transfer to USCIS. I have few questions:

  • If company B’s transfer gets rejected, will it affect company A’s transfer petition?
  • If company A’s H1B transfer gets approved before Company B, do I need to inform Company B about the new role before they file for RFE? I would like to take Company B’s offer if approved, so please advise what will work best.

Additional detail: I have valid H1B till October 2021; My I94 says D/S and I went to India lastly in 2018 during my F1 OPT.

Kindly respond. Thanks.