Multiple H1B Transfer - One approved, one yet to start

Hi all,

I have an approved petition with my current Company ‘A’ until Oct, 2020.

I received two new job offers this month and accepted both the offers contingent on h1b transfer.

Company ‘B’ filed my H1B transfer with premium processing and got it approved in 2 days. Though, i am inclined more towards joining Company ‘C’; They are going to file my H1B transfer with premium processing in next couple of days.

Since my H1B transfer was already approved with Company ‘B’, would it create any issue with my H1B transfer for Company ‘C’?

No, it will not, if you are maintaining proper H1B status with Company A. You are free to choose, which one to join.

Thank you for reply.

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Since, i have an approved transfer petition with Employer ‘B’ ; they are requesting me to give notice to employer ‘A’ and join B as soon as possible. Also, my transfer with employer ‘C’ is still pending.

Can i join employer ‘B’ and work for them until i get my Employer ‘C’ h1 transfer gets approved?

Will transfer to ‘C’ have any issue if i start working for B?, reason being both the transferred were done on the basis employer ‘A’ h1b.

Thanks again.

Unless your employer A wants you leave, no point in leaving…Look at it this way, if you are going to Join C anyways, why join B and then move around for a month or less and confuse everything… Joining B for few days and leaving again will not be good for B as they would spend some time on you and then you leave…It is your discretion to choose, they cannot force you to leave A.

My H1B transfer is pending with Employer C. I am keeping my options open with employer B, in case of Employer C transfer is rejected.

My concern here is will i have any problem in future if i work for Employer B for a month and then join Employer C once the approval comes through. Is it legal since the employer B was not all involved in transfer to employer C.

B & C, both the transfers were initiated from A. Though, transfer to C is already initiated prior to i join employer B.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you

It is legal, but you need to keep track of all the tax statements, next time when you file DS-160 you need to enter their details as well, etc. all of that logistics that you need to be aware of…It is your decision…

Thank you so much for your helpful comments.

Most likely, i will not join them.

Thanks again

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