Multiple H1B Petitions by independent employers


I am an International Student, currently on my OPT extension. My OPT extension is valid till Feb 23rd 2018 (regular extension till 23rd July 2017 and additional 7 months from 24th July 2017 onward). My current employer and an other independent employer have filed H1B petitions for me this year.

If the petition filed by the other employer gets picked up, can I still work with my current employer till Oct 1st 2017?

If Not, then how soon I have to join the other employer, after I get official notice of selection?

If Yes, what if that application receives RFE requests from USCIS? Wouldn’t working for different employer be a problem in that case?

Thank you.

Yes, you can work for current employer until your status changes to H-1. Until your H-1 is approved, you are considered on F-1 OPT status, and you are allowed to work on that status.