Multiple H1B filings for year 2015


I applied for H1B this year thru company A and company B. Petition filed thru company A is already approved and the one thru
company B has received RFE. I would like to proceed with company A. Can some one please help on the below questions:

  1. Will there be any problem during visa stamping for company A bcoz of multiple filings?
  2. if the Visa officer asks why I filed thru two companies then what would be the best answer?
  3. I filed for H1b in year 2008 also and it got approved that time. But bcoz of recession I didn’t proceed and didn’t go for stamping.
    will that cause any issue during stamping this time? Again what would be the best answer if the VO asks why I didn’t go for stamping that time?

Thanks a lot in advance!