Multiple H1 Transfer-parallel transfer to more than one employer


I have a question on H1B transfer. I am working with company A in USA and have valid H1B till 2014. I have got two good offers from company B and C. Both companies and offers are good. To avoid any risk of any issue with either of the offer or the transfer process, I do want to initiate H1 transfer for both company and then later choose one. Both will initiate the process on almost same time, may be with a difference one or two days max.

  1. Is this possible

  2. Is there is any problem if USCIS gets two transfer request in almost same time

  3. Is there any risk (I am doing it to avoid another risk, thinking if one transfer faces any issue other one might go, but I am not sure if it will increase any risk or chances of rejection)

  4. Is there any legal issue if I do not join a company after H1 transfer. Can that company take any action against me or my H1 VISA.


  1. Yes

  2. Usually not an issue

  3. Both can be denied for unrelated reasons. Also, if both get approved and you decide to join either of them, the other employer can get annoyed

  4. Usually big companies do not go after you in such a case. However, consulting companies may decide to go after you for the expenses. Legally, they are responsible for paying H-1 fees except for attorney and premium processing fees.