Multiple h1 transfer applications but different job role, SOC Codes?


So my current h1 is for a software dev role, my h1 expires in the first week of Dec.My current employer has declined to file for an extension. I have a company that is saying they have business analyst role and is ready to do my transfer based on that role, i still haven’t been able to find any other job or anyone else who is ready to do my transfer. I am hoping to get a dev interview done this week but i am not exactly sure how that would go. If I crack the interview then another company is ready to do my h1. My question is do I let the business analyst role people file my h1 or should i wait to get this dev interview done? Will applying h1 transfer for different positions cause any issues?

Thanks for all the help in advance!

As long as your skills match the role they plan to apply for, it should be fine. So, talk to the attorney at the company you plan to join and see, if your profile fits the role perfectly and the job role…if it is good, then go ahead with it…Nothing to worry…
Also, there is no guarantee that you will get approval, if you get Dev role again, they look at the application as a whole and not just the role.