Multiple H-1 Transfers

Last August 2018, I relocated with my current employer. An H-1 transfer was initiated and I was relocated as soon as we received the receipt. A couple of months later, a new employer initiated an H-1 transfer after offering me a position in their firm. Both received an RFE. The new employer submitted their response with premium processing. My current employer hasn’t responded yet. Would USCIS deny my new employer’s application because the previous H-1 transfer was not approved? Can I move to the new employer if the application is approved? Are there any complications?

When did the transfer happen ? Before I-94 expiry or after I-94 expiry ? What is the current i-94 situation ? In general, you will be in bridge situation, if your I-94 is expired and you need to have all the middle petitions approved for the final one in the chain to approved. You can read the guidance on Aytes Memo last page

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Transfer happened before I-94 expiry.

Current I-94 status ?

Based on the I-94 status that I currently see on the I-94 official website, it expires a year from now. The class of admission is H-1B