Multiple COS. Both approved, but one withdrawn

came to US On L1b (Valid 30th Sept 2013, but i-94 till 2015), and this year I filed COS L1b- H1b from a different employer in april. At that point of time I had no idea if my company will file L1a or L1b extension.

In June, my company filed l1b- L1a and that got approved. In first week of july I got H1b approval as well. In august, I asked H1b employer to withdraw the petition and they agreed, and sent a letter to USCIS for withdrawal stating that position is no longer available. On august 23 the case status of my h1b petition changed back to "Initial Review" from "Decision". But USCIS hasn't sent any written acknowledgement/notice to the withdrawal request. Only the online status has changed. Online under "Initial Review", they do say that we recieved correspondence and will notify once we take the next step.

Now what will be my status on 1st Of October if the USCIS doesn't make the decision by then