MTR processing time

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I am currently on L1B with an Indian IT company I have completed 4 years on my L1B and applied for H1B though a consultant this year, my petition got selected in lottery and soon i got a RFE for E-E verification. To which my consultant replied and it got denied. He filed an MTR I290B with USCIS in July, But nothing has happened since then.

My current case status shows"We received your file on 1st July 2014". It’s been 4 months now and am not sure what to do. Can someone please suggest way of expediting the process or if anyone of you were in the same boat as me please help me with next steps.


MTR 1290B is usually reviewed by an official who has a law degree and it has a judicial wait time. You are welcome to send them a short note of reminder to ‘request to expedite’. 180 days of wait is standard.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,

did you get any updates on the status of MTR?

in how much time should we get the MTR receipt number?

my employer said that lawyer had filed MTR but yet to receive the new receipt number.

I got the reply 2 weeks back my MTR was denied. But strangely my friend whose MTR was filed by same consultant and with same set of document was approved so its all luck and very random. 2 officers arrived at 2 opposite conclusion for 2 exactly similar cases.