Ms in it from usa . current working in telecom sector

I am applying for master of science in us. I was confused to choose between mba and ms but after read your posts i want to go for MS. I am going through HTIR programme work with job. Cpt programme. In india i am doing job in idea cellular ltd with 5lk pkg onrole fix job in telecom field. Ohh about my education . I did B.E in electronics and communication engg with 70 per. in 2009 In 12th 73 and 10th 83. my current sector is telecom and now i m going For MS IN IT. I ALSO HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF NETWORKING. If i apply through HTIR then in ms how much i can earn in us with my degree as they are allow 40 hr per week. WITHOUT IELTS AND GRE ALSO ADMISSION IN COLEMAN what about coleman university. ? I am thinking first sem thtough loan also. Please suggest. Its very importent for me PLEASE REPLY ASAP suggest all of you guyes and admin your post really so valuable… … u r replying also all post thats great job THANKS

Fraud alert:

What is this work with job program? If you are on F1 visa you cannot work on that unless you have CPT ( after 2 semesters ).

If you are on H1 visa you are allowed to work and study - H1 Visa for 2013 is over and if you get it in next year you can only start working from 2014 Oct

Advise: Do not go through education consultants. Do some research before you venture.

What about coleman university .? on net i searched lot of and find good this universty.

i shall apply direct in this university ?

please have a look on this website
if i shall get cpt then how many time i can work on cpt ?

thanks for yor reply …

CPT can be availed after you complete 2 semesters on F1 Visa. It depends on your college. on CPT you can work maximum 12 months.
I think you need to do more research on how the education system works for international students.
Do research on F1 Visa, OPT , CPT, H1 Visa - on how these work

Do speak to the seniors of this university to find what is good and what is not.
Frankly if the university does not require you to give GRE/TOFEL seems like fraud but do some research with passouts.
Without GRE/TOFEL I am not sure of the rejection rates for F1 Visa ( it should be high)

Try to contact university directly why the middlemen?