MS courses option for an IT Guy of 3+ yrs of work ex. ?


I have done my B.Tech in Electronics, but for the past 3 years I am working in a IT company, and Now I want to move on and do Masters degree, but I don’t want to waste my experiance of IT sector,

What course options are available for me ?

I am really confuesed and really need your expert advice and opinions, thanks in advance,


Piyush Mathur


It depnds on what Masters degree you would like to get. If you like working in IT and would like to continue in the same field, then you can pick up courses like MS in MIS or CS, your experience can add value. Not sure how much it will make an impact on other aspects like scholarship, etc, but it will help you articulate a better story and get some courses waived, if you can proved that you have the expertise.

So, first decision point to ensure what is that you want to purse and then take a decision.