More than1company filing H1B:will it go as 2 petitions in lottery or as 1

I Have offers from 2 companies willing to sponsor H1B. Can I go ahead and ask both of them to file H1Bs?

In that case:

1.Will mine go into the lottery as 2 separate applications?
2.Assuming it goes as 2 separate/as one application, then will the companies come to know that I am filing for more than one company?
I know it is not the most ethical act, but I Am forced to accept multiple offers as I come under the 65000 slots and am really scared if I will make it to the US or not. I am an Indian citizen with a masters degree from Singapore and it is with great difficulty I got the two offers.

Kindly answer my question.

Thank you.


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  1. Yes, multiple H1’s are accepted, if from different employers…

  2. No. They can’t know.

U must choose one and go for stamping if both picked in lottery and approved

Hi Aparna ,

Dont be so mean and snatch somebodys opportunity…

if both are picked in the lottery and approved, your 2nd company will loose there money…

it is totally unacceptable…

My suggestion is, please do research on both the companies and reject the 2nd offer .